Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Time is one of the most precious gifts that we are given. We think of it so resolutely, time has boundaries and our life is only filled with so much time. Each period in our life has only so much time. You can only be a child for so long. How often are we wishing that we could be out of a phase of life sooner. When I was in college I loved it, that was one my favorite times of life. So many friends and good times but I felt very done with school and wanted to finish, so I set about to finish my degree with haste. Now that I am done with it I miss that time of my life. I look back and think how could I have made more of the time I had.

I am right now faced with the impending end to my mission, and have lately been reflecting on what I could do to make the very most of the time that I have left. The months that I have been here seem to fly by and sometimes it is hard to remember the details. But, have I done all that I could in this phase of my life? Do each of us put forward the effort that will fill us with the knowledge that we have done all we can? Or are we left with regrets? Charles Darwin said "A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life."

"To live more fully each hour and to glean the most from each day is wisdom. How unwise we are to waste our todays when they determine the significance of our tomorrows. We should wisely live a day at a time because that is all we have. . . the message is loud and clear. If we work, serve, improve now—each hour, each day will lead us onward and upward to a significant tomorrow in his paths. Today is the time for decision. Now is the time for action. Believe me when I tell you God is well pleased when he sees us using our time wisely" (Marvin J. Ashton ). So what are we waiting for? Get up and get moving time is moving forward let's move with it.

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